Reading Slumps & Netflix Binges

It’s been nearly a month since I last posted a book review. I just finished reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, so I’ll be posting a review of that soon. There are a few simple reasons for this delay in reading/reviewing:

  1. After I finished The Queen of the Tearling, I read the sequel, The Invasion of the Tearling. I couldn’t post a review of the sequel because it would be drenched in spoilers and I just couldn’t do that to you. (You should know that I gave it a rating of 4.75/5 and I enjoyed it more than the first one.)
  2. I made the very adult-like decision to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird in anticipation of Go Set a Watchman. I made it about halfway through TKAM before I got bored…mostly because I knew exactly how the book would end and all motivation was lost. Also, I read a bunch of negative reviews of Watchman and decided I didn’t want to read it after all.
  3. Being a teacher means that I have oodles of free time for reading during the summer. However, it also means I have oodles of free time for Netflix.

Ahh, Netflix. One of the few-ish things that can force all sense of productivity to a screeching halt. What has had me so enthralled that I didn’t feel like reading actual written words? I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve been binge-watching lately, in the order I watched them.

tomorrow people

The Tomorrow People: This supernatural drama from The CW has it all. There’s a new group of people emerging in the world that have supernatural powers known as the Three Ts: telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy. I thought the storyline was great and the characters were even greater. This show is hunk central. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after one season, so these 22 episodes are all she wrote.

land girls

Land Girls: This show is about World War II and shows a side to the war that I haven’t heard much about. In Britain, when the men were being shipped off to war, some women decided to move to the countryside and work the lands. This coalition provided rations to the local communities and were a symbol of hope and rebuilding. This show isn’t without its faults, but I thought it was unique and I really enjoyed it.


North & South: This is a period drama that I’d tried watching before, but I couldn’t get in to it. I tried again and I’m pretty glad I did. I love Richard Armitage. I’ve loved him since before he joined the cast of The Hobbit (ex: as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood) and he’s extra surly in this show. I thought the acting was good and the storyline different from others I’d seen before. This wasn’t my favorite, but still good.


Cedar Cove: The only reason I decided to watch the pilot episode of this show is because it’s on Hallmark and my grandmother loves it. She and I tend to like the same movies (because she’s hip…not so much because I’m a grandma), so I figured I’d give it a chance. I watched both seasons pretty quickly.It’s about a small community in Washington and Andie MacDowell plays a judge with drama. It’s good, clean television. The storyline isn’t gripping or anything, but they’re characters I invested in. (I think we can all agree that Andie MacDowell isn’t a stellar actress, but we just love looking at her hair…right?) Season 3 is airing on Hallmark Channel right now.


Bitten: Talk about a guilty pleasure show. Lord knows I get drawn towards werewolves every once in a blue moon, and this show fit the bill. Bitten has somewhat solid acting and an interesting take on the supernatural. In the beginning, the show focuses on the only female werewolf and whether she wants to continue her association with her pack. This show definitely has mature content, so heads up on that. There are only two seasons of this show right now, but I think I read season 3 comes out next year.


Witches of East End: I think I was still on a supernatural high when I finished Bitten, so I dove into Witches of East End. I remember when the show first aired and I think I watched the pilot, but I wasn’t really into it. Well…now I’m in it and all over it. Rumor has it that the show hasn’t been cancelled, but hasn’t renewed for a third season at this point. One of the lead actresses has signed on for another show, which makes me think there won’t be a third season. Witches, romance, Asgard (?!?!?)…pretty good stuff.

Bonus, Non-Netflix Obsession: Alaskan Bush People

People close to me are probably tired of me talking about this show. I’m telling you…it’s a gem. It’s about the Brown family who live on a remote island in Alaska. They build everything from the ground up, charge generators using bicycles, and howl at each other because they consider themselves a wolf pack. Also, they have incredibly odd accents and know zero things about pop culture. It’s pure entertainment. I mean…they have a daughter named Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown. That should be reason enough for you to watch it. This is real life, people.

Have you seen any of these shows? Are there others you can recommend for me to binge watch before school starts back up?

Happy reading (and watching!) – Caitlyn


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