My 5 Auto-Buy Authors

Everyone has a mental (or physical) list of authors that they love. This is a list of authors whose books I will always buy, even if I have no idea what the book is about. These are my “auto-buy authors”, in no particular order:

rivers collage

Francine Rivers: I don’t remember whether I read the Mark of the Lion trilogy or Redeeming Love first, but either way, I read Rivers’ writing and I was hooked. I quickly began picking up anything she’d written that I could get my hands on. I think there’s maybe one of her books that I haven’t read. Francine Rivers is a master storytelling. With her historical fiction, you can tell that she researched the time period because every detail is accounted for. Her characters always move me, causing me to reflect and learn something about the world or about myself.

maas collage

Sarah J. Maas: I love Sarah. Sarah and I understand each other. The Throne of Glass series is seriously some of the best stuff I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a couple hundred books just in the last 4 or 5 years. Nobody can write action scenes the way Maas can. I’m one of those book readers or movie watchers that can figure out the whole plot before we reach the halfway point, with one exception: when I’m reading Maas’ writing. Celaena, especially, is constantly outsmarting and tricking me. I will always, always, always, read Sarah J. Maas’ work.

hale collage

Shannon Hale: Her first book that I ever read was The Goose Girl. I read this my freshman year of high school and fell in love with fractured fairy tales and the fantasy genre. I think because of that beautiful adventure she sent me on (that I obviously still treat to this day), I feel a sense of obligation to continue supporting her. Having said that, you should know that Hale is a fantastic writer and has written a few types of books. I love her book Austenland and ADORE the movie adaptation.

rowell collage

Rainbow Rowell: If you’re not new to my blog, then you know that I love Fangirl. I will love that book until the day I die and probably even after the fact. I’ve read all of her books and not only is she one of my “auto-buy authors”, but I preorder her books. I can’t wait any longer than necessary. Rowell has a unique tone and voice that is found in each of her books, no matter the content, and it’s something that just really clicks with me.

clare collage

Cassandra Clare: These books are guilty pleasures for me. Anything paranormal – vampires, werewolves, angels/demons – these all fall under that category for me. Although, I will say that the Mortal Instruments series was a little more “guilty” for me than the Infernal Devices books. That prequel series was some seriously good stuff. I’m looking forward to her next spin-off series in the world of the Shadowhunters. If she writes it, I will read it…mostly because I know there are going to be some hunky characters.

Who’s on your list of “auto-buy authors”? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading! – Caitlyn


4 thoughts on “My 5 Auto-Buy Authors

  1. I love Francine Rivers! Her writing is so wonderful and her characters are so full of life. The Mark of the Lion series is one of my very favorites. I’m due for a re-read! I haven’t had a chance to read her latest couple of books.

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