My Book-Buying Ban

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions. I feel like I’d be setting myself up for failure, because how many people actually keep their NY Resolutions? I’m sure there’s data out there on the interweb somewhere that could answer that question, but I digress. I love buying books. There’s something about picking out a novel and finding a place for it on the bookshelf at home. However, there are always books on my shelf that I haven’t actually read.

My goal for January is to not purchase another book until I’ve read the ones on my shelf. When the month is over, if there are still books that I have no interest in reading, it’ll be time to part with them. (Some of them are kindle books, so I can’t exactly sell those to Half Price Books…) I’m not expecting to read all of these books in a month. There are 12 of them, after all! But I do think I’ll know which books are destined to forever collect dust if I don’t want to read them come February. Maybe after this month, my goal will be to read at least one of these books a month until I’ve read them all! We’ll see…

These are the books I’ve bought lately (or maybe a while ago) that I have yet to read:


  • Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway
  • Antigoddess by Kendare Blake
  • The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su and Kate Rorick
  • Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery


  • The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel
  • Beginnings: Obsidian and Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Lizzy & Jane by Katherine Reay
  • The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


  • Prelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot
  • Guinevere: A Medieval Romance by Lavinia Collins
  • Never the Bride by Cheryl McKay and Rene Gutterridge
  • An Uncertain Choice by Jody Hedlund

How many unread books are sitting on your shelves? Have you ever gone on a self-imposed book buying ban?

Happy reading! – Caitlyn


10 thoughts on “My Book-Buying Ban

  1. I have probably 15 books on my bookshelf (both work and home) that I haven’t read yet. I am forcing myself to read them (unless I absolutely hate them) before I can buy another.

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  2. Wow! I’ve really been wanting to read The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet since I LOVED the series. Excited to hear what you think. It was a wonderful adaptation. I think I have 5-10 unread books on my shelves, most of which are self help (a genre I rarely read). You’ve inspired me to start one tonight, however I will not be going on a book ban since my local book store is now 20% off! Happy reading, looks like you have some great reads on your shelf.

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      1. You really should! It’s also on the Pemberly Digital channel. Also, if you’re a fan of Jane Eyre, there’s a great adaptation called The Autobiography of Jane Eyre. They lose the original actor for Rochester closer to the end, but it is still a very interesting take on Jane Eyre.

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  3. I’ve got over 1000 books on my shelves unread and yet I still continue to stockpile more. I adore library book sales, so I tend to stock up on used books that only cost 50 cents or a dollar, and since I don’t read them all that quickly I sometimes get extremely overwhelmed with my TBR stack. But that doesn’t stop me from getting more!! I’m currently reading The Nightingale, and it’s good so far.

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    1. I’m a sucker for a good book sale! A lot of the books I find on sale get put on my classroom bookshelf for my students to read. So I’ve bought a lot of books that I haven’t read, they’re just not on my home shelves. I’m sure my TBR stack would be much bigger if they were!

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