5 Books that Made Me Cry

You guys, I have a confession: I’m a weeper. You know those people that get all misty eyed every so often? Yeah, I’m not one of those people. I cry all the time. All it takes is a video of soldiers coming home or watching someone’s dreams come true or thinking about my grandparents or (seriously though, I need to just stop thinking altogether and stay away from Youtube)…or sometimes, it’s a really good book.

Here are 5 books that made my cry, starting with misty eyes and ending with the big book of sobs.


Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

Cry Scale: This book took me by surprise, emotionally! When Ruby would talk about her struggles or she’d see Nate dealing with his…I teared up!

Now, this wasn’t a story that just wrecked me to my core, but it did touch me. This is the story of Ruby, whose mother abandoned her and she was forced to move in with her sister and brother-in-law. Coming from a life of striving and lacking, she’s welcomed into their home of plenty. She doesn’t know how to process it all and on top of that, there’s a cute neighbor boy, Nate, with strife of his own. I really enjoyed this read, finding it different from Dessen’s other stories, rich and compelling.


Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Cry Scale: I felt some very real sadness while reading this book. I got a bit teary in a few places, mostly from empathy and because I wanted to hug Auggie, but real life said I couldn’t. The ending was powerful enough that there were tears rolling down my cheeks by the end.

If you’ve never read Wonder, then what have you been doing? This is the powerful story of Auggie, a child with a rare birth defect that affects many areas of his life. For the first time, he’s heading off to public school (middle school…oy) and he has to manage making friends, facing bullies, and family drama all along the way. This book teaches us a lot about kindness and understanding. I loved it. Truly, I did.

child of mine

Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

Cry Scale: I cried multiple times. I even had to close the book because I couldn’t read through the wetness all up on my eyeballs.

My grandma lent me this book (thanks Nanny!) and it made me cry something fierce. I was expecting to LIKE this book and I figured it’d take me a while to trudge through because it’s hefty, but YOU GUYS…it was so good. And the twist at the end! And the emotions! And the heartbreak! Oh my! Here’s the low down: Amish nanny, single guy raising his orphaned niece, desperate woman searching for her kidnapped daughter. Yep. All of that in one book. This story had so much heart and I was completely immersed.


Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Cry Scale: The ending had me walking out of my room at my mom’s house like a zombie. I’m sure I scared my poor mother because my chin wouldn’t stop quivering and the tears were just FLOWING.

Because this is the last book in a trilogy, my tears came from a myriad of instances. When Jem…and then when we meet…and then when Magnus…and then THAT ENDING. I can’t even write it all down because spoilers. I experienced approximately 24,294 FEELS from cover to cover. I laughed, I cried, I got confused, it all made sense, then I cried again.

voice in the wind

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

Cry Scale: This is the ultimate cry fest. This book tapped into my very soul and wrenched on the waterworks. Thinking about it makes me emotional. That’s how powerful this book is!

Honestly, I could plug in any of Francine Rivers’s books into this spot. (Especially Redeeming Love…be still my heart.) This is the story of Hadassah, set in Rome during the first century when Christians met in secret because if they were caught, they’d be forced to face the arena. It has handsome aristocrats and religious truths on every page. From early on, I felt a connection with the characters and became invested in their well-being. When that happens and those characters are put in harm’s way, you can expect a flood…of tears…from my face. The first chapter or so is pretty dense, as it’s setting up the historical implications for you, but stay with it! I reread this series every few years because they’re just that incredible. In fact, I think I’m due for another read!

What books have you read that made you cry? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading! – Caitlyn


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