My 5 Favorite Booktube Channels

When I was in college, I watched a lot of Youtube videos. I mean, I still watch a lot of Youtube, but it was in college that I discovered the niche groups within Youtube. I loved watching beauty videos – product reviews, makeup and hair tutorials, all of it. Over the last year or so, I’ve been watching more Youtube videos about books! This community is known as Booktube. These are the 5 Booktube channels that I watch most often.

Maureen Keavy (@maureenkeavy)

I love watching Maureen! She seems like such a genuine person and we like a lot of the same books. I like watching her review books and I feel like she tends to talk about popular reads, but also some less popular ones. She’s one of the few Booktubers that I’ve seen talk about Christian fiction and nonfiction and she also reads classics from time to time.  I also follow Maureen on Goodreads. (21,000+ subscribers)

Christine Riccio (@polandbananasBOOKS)

Christine is straight up cray. Ha! She has SO much energy and she’s loud and she gets crazy with eyeliner sometimes. However, we read a lot of the same books and tend to have similar fan theories. She makes all kinds of videos, which is nice to see. She does reviews, TBRs, wrap ups…all of those things, but then she also talks about writing, does tags, and even interviews authors.  (313,000+ subscribers)

Regan (@peruseproject)

I think Regan was the first Booktube channel I ever watched. After I saw a few of her videos, I learned that there were more people out there, talking about books on Youtube! While she loves Rick Riordan books and the occasional middle grade story, of all the Booktube channels that I watch, Regan always has a different selection to hear about. She does read a lot of popular YA books, but I also get a lot of recommendations from her on more unknown books and authors. (164,000+ subscribers)

Kat O’Keeffe (@katytastic)

I don’t watch Kat’s videos on the regular, honestly. However, if I read something and I don’t know how I feel about it, I tend to look and see if she’s posted a video about it. Over hyped books, fan theories, fandoms…anything like that, Kat’s my go-to Booktuber. She tends to point out things I hadn’t thought about or question some of the mainstream viewpoints about books. (221,000+ subscribers)

Jesse (@jessethereader)

At first, I started watching Jesse’s channel because I wanted to know a guys POV on a few books that he was making videos on. That probably sounds terrible, but it’s the truth. I kept going back to his channel because I feel like he gives really honest reviews. That doesn’t mean I think the others are lying or anything. Ha! I just feel like I trust him? I don’t know. He doesn’t just buy into popular books and series just because they’re popular. We tend to read a lot of the same books, but every once in a while he’ll talk about one that I haven’t heard of yet and I’m all in. (170,000+ subscribers)

What Booktube channels do you love watching? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy watching (and reading)! – Caitlyn


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