5 Books That Make Great Gifts

How is it already time for Christmas shopping?! You guys, I LIVE for planning out my Christmas gifts. Gift giving is my love language. I like giving multiple, smaller gifts that are personal and specific. I especially love giving book as gifts to my friends and family. On MY Christmas list, I’ve always got books. There’s something really personal about handing someone a book and saying, “I think you’ll love this.” I rarely buy someone a book that I haven’t read myself (or that they haven’t specifically asked for). These are 5 books that I think would make great gifts. We’ll cover nostalgia, classics, graphic novels, nonfiction, and even cookbooks!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Illustrated Edition by J.K. Rowling

Last year, I posted about 5 books on my Christmas list. This book was on that list…and I didn’t actually get it for Christmas, nor did I purchase it for myself in the last year. HA! This is the kind of book that longs to be given, am I right? It’s so beautifully illustrated and makes for a new and exciting reading experience, even for the truest Potter-heads. This is also a great gift for new, young readers in your life. Start ’em early, friends.


The Outsiders: 50th Anniversary Edition by S.E. Hinton

If you were one of the millions of people that had to read this book in school, I’m feeling pretty confident that you loved it. (Or that you at least didn’t hate it.) This is a great book to give as it is nostalgic and still a great read, even as an adult. Every time I read it (which is 3 times a year because I’m an English teacher) I get something new from it. This new anniversary edition has great information about the film adaptation, notes from the author, images of book covers from around the world, and more. Lots of nostalgia for whoever you give this to. Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

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Graphic Novels (Especially TV/Film adaptations)

Two years ago, I gave the A Game of Thrones: Volume 1 graphic novel to someone for Christmas. He’d never read the books or seen the series and wanted to know what the story was. He just didn’t know where to start. He ended up loving the graphic novel version and continued the series that way. For someone who isn’t part of the GoT fandom, the graphic novel is a great intro to it. You get the author’s words with beautifully done illustrations, making for an exciting read…and it takes a lot less time to get through than the actual novel. THEN you can watch the series! Last year, I gave the same person the V for Vendetta graphic novel and he was so excited. Graphic novels like these make great gifts for the non-readers in your life, who still enjoy a great story.


Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls is SO topical right now. It’s everywhere! If you have a Gilmore fan in your life, or just a Lauren-Graham-in-general fan, this would be a great gift. This is a collection of essays where Graham talks about love and relationships, as well as her time in Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, and just…life. If the person you’d want to give this to is also a fan of audiobooks (or even if they’ve never listened to one before), I’d also recommend checking this out on Audible.com. Lauren Graham narrates it herself and she’s hilarious.



I love cookbooks. Mostly I like looking at the pictures, but I’ve also been known to use a recipe or two. Now, giving someone a cookbook could be perceived as you saying, “Look…you’re terrible. You have zero kitchen game. Hope this helps.” So you have to be choosy when it comes to who you give one to. These would be great gifts for anyone in your life who loves to cook or bake and is interested in getting new recipes. And also for those terrible cooks in your life because let’s be honest, we all know someone. You’re thinking of someone right now. No shame.

What books are you hoping Santa (or whoever) gives you this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading, giving, and receiving! – Caitlyn


2 thoughts on “5 Books That Make Great Gifts

  1. I hope to have the entire Harry Potter series all over again. That would be my fourth time reading those 7 books, but as the years go on, my perspective differs. I’d like to receive the Mysterious Benedict Society series as well. To end it off, I need the Percy Jackson series. I never got to finish it a few years ago and that hurts – I’m fiending right now. I don’t know who’s buying these, but I’ll dream to see them on the 25th, lol.

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