5 Rainy Day Reads

Here in Texas, Spring time means storm time. We live in “tornado alley”, so that means a couple times a week, we’ll be dealing with severe weather threats. We stay inside, we get away from windows, and we ride out the storms. For me, I turn the weather on the TV or my iPad and grab a book. On calmer rainy days, I may sit outside on the patio or by the window to read. There’s something really relaxing about reading on a rainy day, especially if all that’s happening is actual rain!

London Belongs to Me by Jacquelyn Middleton

Nothing says rainy day like a book set in London! I read this recently and really enjoyed it. Not only is it in one of my favorite cities to read about, but it centers around the theatre! Win! Alex is our main character who’s struggling to find consistency in busy London – with her job, her friends, and her family…even her living situation! I love the focuses on friendship and self discovery. Great for a day indoors, all cozied up. Read my full review HERE!

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Don’t worry! I didn’t forget my kindred spirit, Anne Shirley! You guys, I love these books so much. I’m actually listening to the new audiobook (narrated by Rachel McAdams) as I go to bed at night. This story makes me feel like I’m going home. If it’s storming outside, I want comfort and assurance. I want to be swept away and thoroughly distracted. Plus, Anne makes everything in her story seem far more dramatic than what I’m experiencing. Read my full review HERE!

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Sometimes on a rainy day, I want to experience something completely outside my norm. That’s where historical fiction comes into play. This book is  a great choice because it will completely consume you. Doerr is a master painter. You’ll feel, smell, hear, and experience everything right along with the characters. It’s a hefty read, but once you get going, it’s hard to stop! Read my full review HERE!

Saga, Volumes 1-7 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Maybe on your rainy day, you want to experience a visual journey. Graphic novels are a great choice! They’re easy to read and the artwork can suck you in. I’ve read all 7 volumes of Saga and it’s been quite an experience! There are twists and turns, strange new worlds and unique characters. I’ve mentioned these and other graphic novels HERE!

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare OR Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Sometimes on a rainy day, I need a good supernatural series. Both of these are great options for a day of storms, or just a day inside. I like diving into worlds that are totally different from mine with characters are tackling something I can’t even imagine. Clare, especially, is great at world building and pulling you into the wars her characters are fighting. AND if you finish reading, you can watch it on TV! The Freeform show Shadowhunters is based off of Clare’s characters and of course, there are the Twilight films. Read my full review for City of Bones (movie, book, and show) HERE!

What do you reach for on a rainy day? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading! – Caitlyn


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