5 Favorite Fictional Mothers

Mother’s Day was just recently, here in the United States. This holiday always leaves me feeling grateful for my awesome mother and all the things she’s taught me. She, like me, is a lover of literature and an English teacher. I can definitely credit her with my love of reading and the reason why there’s always a stack of books on my bedside table.

I always enjoy a strong mother character in books, so this week I’ve compiled a list of my 5 favorite fictional moms!

Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series

When I think about strong mothers in literature, I immediately think of Mrs. Weasley. I especially think about that line from the last book that she says to Bellatrix Lestrange. Yeah, you know…THAT line. SUCH a powerful female figure and a top notch mother, in my opinion. She’s strong and forceful, while also being loving and protective. You don’t want to cross her, but you also want to know her. Plus…Julie Walters is the PERFECT person to play Mrs. Weasley. Spot on.

Marilla Cuthbert from the Anne of Green Gables series

Marilla is one of my favorite characters ever. I didn’t like her at first, but over time (and after more books) I realized just how much depth she has to her. She is so full of love and has this protective force about her in regards to Anne and Matthew. She’s similar to Mrs. Weasley in that you don’t want to step between her and her loved ones, but what I love most about Marilla is the way she balances Anne out. She matches all of Anne’s wild dreams with sharp wit and sarcasm, pulling her back down to earth.

Phoebe Valerian from the Mark of the Lion series

I really enjoyed reading about Phoebe in this series set in ancient Rome. She has this calm sweetness about her, but she runs her household with masterful precision. She has that classic motherhood quality where she always sees the best in her children, even to a fault, but she was always there for them and full of wise council. I love the way she loves her family and the way she looks out for those in need. As a mother, she sets a great example of selflessness. (Forgive the picture…there’s no movie adaptation or picture books to pull from!)

Mrs. Turner from Finding Audrey

This woman would drive me crazy if she was my actual mother. She’s so outlandish and neurotic most of the time, but man she’s entertaining to read about! The reason I added her to this list is because of the way she loves her children. She really does want the absolute best for each of them, even if it means she wishes they were different sometimes. She means well and her actions come from a good place, for the most part. Life with her wouldn’t be dull, that’s for sure!

Charlotte Branwell from The Infernal Devices series

Trained from a young age to be a leader, Charlotte is one of my favorite characters in the Shadowhunter universe. She’s so strong, but she can be gentle at times, too. She’s a mother figure to the young Shadowhunters within the Institute, providing wisdom and discipline, as well as love and encouragement. She paved the way for women in this world, too, serving as the head of the London Instutute and as the first female Consul. I love her bravery and strong will! She’s such a great “mom” character to read about.

Who are some of your favorite fictional mothers? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading! – Caitlyn


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